ENRYP II - European Network of Local and Regional Youth Platform

The ENRYP II project builds on the findings and outcomes of the Erasmus+ ENRYP project led by Umbria Youth Forum in Italy and developed between 2017 and 2019. A key finding was the need for establishing a different kind of network, more flexible and including several stakeholders. The concept of the network should overcome the existing traditional ones, such as umbrella organisations composed only of youth organisations or youth representative structures; instead, it should have a multi-stakeholder approach by including, besides youth organisations, also municipalities, CSO, youth workers, youth academics and informal groups of young people.

The main goal of the ENRYP II is to increase youth social and political participation in Portugal, Italy, UK, Hungary and Romania in order to achieve positive changes in young people’s lives and to build better societies.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to establish a European network as a common space where young people but also relevant stakeholders exchange practices and explore together topics such as youth participation, active citizenship and EU awareness and identity;
  • to broaden and deepen political and social participation and understanding of young people at the local and regional level in the 5 countries involved in the project;
  • to enable young people to connect with, express their opinions to and influence elected policy-makers, public administrators, interest groups and CSOs within any of the political or social processes affecting their lives.

Online Course for Peers

The online course for Peers is part of the Peer-to-peer activity, included in Intellectual Output 3 of the project "The Youth Activist Kit".


The course is addressed to Young People from youth associations from Portugal, UK, Romania, Hungary and Italy, who will become Peer Trainers and empower other Young People to become Youth Activists!


Objectives of the course

  • To empower Young People to support their peers in becoming Youth Activists;
  • To provide Peers with tools to carry out Peer training with other Young People;
  • To support the development of social and civic competences of Peers and young people;
  • To create an international community of Youth Activists, who can support each other to engage in their communities

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